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    Default Still need to ugrade MCSA...

    Hi Everyone,

    I looked at the last time i posted here and it was back in 2008, thats when I last intended to upgrade my Win2000 MCSA to Win2003 I cant belive time has gone by so quickly. Anyway I'm defo want to do it now. Couple of questions before I start,

    To upgrade my Win2000 MCSA to 2003 I still need to do 70-290 and 70-291?

    A lot of the material I have is before SP1 & SP2 came, does the current exams cover what’s been upgrade by SP1 & SP2?

    Thanks a lot,
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    You can't upgrade your 2000 MCSA anymore. You'll basically have to start over, except you can use your 2000 client exam towards the MCSE (even though it's retired). 290, 291, and an elective.
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