I want to do the following:

access Client1 resources from MyPC using

VPN1(PPTP/L2TP) --to simulate connecting from the Internet

RRAS1(LAN Routing) --to simulate connect from Intranet

access Client2 resources from MyPC using RRAS1 and RRAS2 (Test LAN routing)

Client2 access Client1 resources.( test LAN routing configuration)

Client1 access FS1 using IPSEC.

resources means shared files in this case.MyPC is a Vmware host, the rest is vmware guest.DC1 is a domain controller, FS1 is a file server.

I want to implement this in Vmware workstation 7. I had drawn a crude picture for more clarity.The issue is what type of network setting should I use on my vmware guest especially for RRAS1/RRAS2 and VPN1. (Bridge/NAT/host...)

I also want to test IPSEC configuration by installing network monitor, which host should I install into?

Hope you can give some suggestion to improve this networking stuff.Thanks.


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