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Thread: 297 or 298?

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    Question 297 or 298?

    I can't decide between these two on which to finish my mcse.

    I'm not interested in MCSE:S
    I hate pki and ca material
    I have very little NT experience
    I'm strongest with networking concepts

    Someone pick for me already, my head hurts :/
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    I'd do the 298. The 298 covered a lot of CA stuff, but it's a lot CA stuff from the 293 exam. The testlets aren't bad, especially if you have some real world experience. You just need to watch your time on them. If you choose the 298 route, pick up a copy of the 299 book. It covers everything that you'll need for the 298. The MS press 298 is about 2x the size and is more of a reference manual.

    From what I've heard, the 297 goes more in depth in the NT stuff. I don't know much about that exam.
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