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    Default Urgent help needed!!! in configuring windows 2008 backup on NAS


    In windows 2008 R2 sp1 which is in a domain name xyz.com, we need to take the full backup to a shared folder in a NAS Drive which is in a workgroup ( not joined to the domain xyz)
    When run the backuponce option in the windows server backup , it is getting backed up when the credentials for accessing the shared folder in a NAS Drive is provided during the time of backup.
    But when scheduling the backup , I am getting the error as follows

    I am using domain user id for scheduling the backup and other credentials to access the NAS shared folder
    in other words how to get this option as below during the scheduling backup to exclude the above warning

    Any help is greatly appreciated

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    Looks like a job for...



    Use the Wbadmin Backup Command Line Utility in Windows Server 2008
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    Thanks for all for your valuable suggestion ,
    At last I succeeded in configuring the scheduled backup through creating the scheduled task by creating a batch file with the following command:
    net use y: \\ipaddress\sharedfolder name /usernameyz abc
    Wbadmin start backup -backupTarget:\\[Server]\[Share name] -include:C:,E: -vssFull -quiet -allcritical
    Variables in the command are 1.ipaddress 2.sharedfoldername 3.username 4.password 5. the drives letters 6. the mapped drive letter in the net use command
    These variables have to be taken care for anybody to use
    And thanks to Darren too ...... The scheduled task is to be run with the hghest privilege
    username and password mentioned in the above lines are the credentials to connect to the shared folder in different NAS Drive which is located out of the domain
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