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    Default Windows 2008 70-640 exam

    Sorry for my bad english,
    its my first time taking this exam and cert..and its supposed to prepare me for the client assessment examination and official exam.
    and im freaking out here ,dont know how or what might be in the exams,will it be multiple choice or something else
    ,i have to pass the windows server 2008 exam in one month time period and i dont know what to expect at all,has to do with installation and configuration yes,but how will the exam,everything im going thought seem to be too much to learn in a month,and to actually be sure to pass the exam,,but will try my best and do what i can,just wanted to know any kind of tip or info .if there is any would be appreciated
    Just trying to prepare myself as much i can and hopefully not fail the exams
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    First , you should be confident in your capacities and second studies is sacrifices, scarifies some times in your rest time to start doing the hard work.
    or if you have the possibilities offer you a boot camp training that will help you a lot.
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