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    Default User profile replication


    1 Domain, 2 sites, Site A and Site B, 2 DC's in each site.

    Site A user profiles located in ServerA/Profiles$/
    Site B user profiles located in ServerB/Profiles$/

    I need to ensure Site A user profiles are availble to Site B in case of a WAN link failure between sites and vise-versa.

    Setup a folder under an existing Domain DFS namespace 'Profiles' with 2 targets ServerA/Profiles$ and ServerB/Profiles$.

    Configure DFS-R between the 2 folders - Full Mesh

    ServerA is the primary
    ServerB in the member

    Replication starts and moves all the ServerB/Profiles to the /Pre-existing folder.

    All the user profile paths in SiteB are now invalid.

    My question is has anyone used DFS to replicate user profiles in a multisite environment ?

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    You have to setup a DFS namespace.
    Distributed File System

    Once that is setup, you change the profile path to reflect that namspace, so something like \\domain\dfs\profiles$ , which will redirect to the local resources.
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