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    Star award Need a little advice

    I currently hold the 680 for windows 7. While I enjoy help desk and network admin jobs, I find the creativity lacking. So I was talking to my boss today and he suggested web design/development as I am constantly building my own websites for the games I play. But he also suggested I look at the MTA Exam 98-363 test to see if I could "hack it" as he called it. Should I bother with this? is MTA bad for someone at my level?

    My goal would be to go into web development and also mobile phones.
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    Exams scheduled: 9L0-412

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    I sent you a PM regarding this, but I will repeat it here as others might find it useful. The MTA exams are all academic exams. This means you must be a student to take them and you have to show your student ID when you take the exam. That being said, I think the objectives are well worth the time and study.

    For people looking at getting started in the Microsoft Web Development ecosystem I highly suggest taking a look at Pluralsight. For $30.00 a month you get a ton of training on anything from ASP.NET MVC to HTML5 and it eve covers some non-MS development topic like Android and iOS.

    Here is a list of suggestions that every MS web dev needs to know:
    Web Services (WCF) - You don't need to be an expert but have an idea of what it is and how to consume it.
    Libraries and frameworks like jQuery
    Subversion, TeamFoundation Server, GIT or other
    UX and usability
    Patterns: Separation of concerns (MVC, MVVM, etc)
    Unit Testing
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