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    Default 2277C as a resource

    This sounds like a stupid question even as I type it but I'll ask anyway...

    I'm taken the MCSE training for the 70-291 / 2277C material and am now using the 2277C Blue Book as my study guide.

    Having reviewed the Microsoft list of expected topics for the exam it shows that this book should cover pretty much everything for the exam.

    Having read the book a few times and practiced on some test servers I'm really reasonably confident with the material and it doesn't seem that complicated to understand. Assuming I have the knowledge in the book in my head and can implement the DNS, RRAS as it shows in the practices etc, should that mean I will have the right information for the exam?

    I hear so many comments that the 70-291 is the beast and yet the material in the bok seems quite ok and it just makes me wonder whether there's other hidden areas that aren't mentioned in the book that I should know about as well?

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    I too have taken the MOC 2277C course and have the book. If read, understand, and do the practices, it does seem preety easy to comprehend. I also used the Microsoft eLearning course for it as well, and that offered an online lab environment, and many simulations to practice. I also took the 2276 classroom and eLearning course.

    I've taken some of the Measure Up exams, and the only things that really get me are the questions asking about certain features that are enabled by default, or other features not covered by the material I've used thus far. There weren't that many though.

    I think other resources should be used though. I have a Virtual Lab on my main rig and an actual lab setup with a DELL and two other computers I built. TechNet has cleared some things up as well.

    I can't say anything about it being The Beast until I take the real thing though...which will hopefully be next week sometime .

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    If you know all the defaults, and where everything is cold, then the test should be easy. But really, who remembers every single option on every tab of a user object properties?
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