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    Default Going to try and nail the beast

    Hi Guys.

    Yesterday i passed 70-640 and 70-680 and i am only one exam away from passing my MCSA from a couple of years back.

    Yep you guessed it 70-291 the beast. Now i passed 70-290 , 70-270 and CompTIA Security + so i just need to nail 70-291.

    This was one hell of an exam. Has anything much changed on this exam in the last two years?

    Any advice for this exam?

    Now i am not great at the sims for some reason, if you failed every sim but got all questions right could you still pass or do the sims make up such a massive part of the exam?

    Thanks in advance
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    I took mine about 2 years ago, can't say if the format has changed or not. MS is notorious for long-winded questions. I found for this exam, it helps to read the answers first, then read through the question. Look for key words as to what MS wants you to do.
    I would look through the exam objectives and make sure you are comfortable with them. As far as sims, every exam is different, make you lab up with DNS, DHCP, RRAS, IPSec.
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