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Thread: Jamming

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    Default Jamming

    Another example of study material which refers jamming differently:

    Mike Meyers talks about jamming as in someone sending artificial jam signals over a hub network in order to stop all nodes from transmitting. (An old form of DoS)

    Professor Messer talks about jamming as a frequency jamming for wireless networks.

    I guess it's best practice to know both of these, but which one of them is more accurately defined by the Net+ certification ?


    EDIT: Nvm, I guess what's more important is to know what the process/concept of jamming involves, the blocking of sending data over a network
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    Jamming signal is sent when frames collide on CSMA/CD and then all the nodes back off for a random time. till then can sense the medium again.

    No idea of the other wireless jamming. I think the former is defined by Net+.
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