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    98-365 MTA: Win Server Administration Fundamentals

    Default Prep time for self-study Net+

    Hi All,

    New to the tech exams forum here. I've recently wrapped up the MTA 98-365 Win. Server Administration Fundamentals this past Monday. I've been studying the Mike Meyers hardcover on and off with a good handle on the OSI model, subnetting, etc. Along with the Prof. Messer videos online.

    If I were to grind for say 3-4 hours daily, what's a realistic time frame for a pass, but not only a successful pass, but to also retain the information.

    I'm still going to skim through the exam materials from my recent pass to really ensure that I've gotten a firm grip, since having the paper saying you know something and forgetting it all when you're speaking to someone at an interview is rather pointless.

    Thinking the A+ isn't worthwhile at this point as I have 2-3 yrs. help desk experience at the moment and looking to advance towards a sys. admin role.

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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