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    Default Any books, new to networking

    HI am i a freshman in high school, and before i had an interest in networking, i build computers.
    I built custom computer asus motherboard, AMD, and Intel processor, 2gb of RAM memory, 512mb video card, 160 gb HD 15,000 rpms.

    but i do very much like networking.

    i skipped right to the CCNA , and doing pretty well, and dont have a background in networking field so i am a beginner, and i need to understand the basics of it before i go take on the CCNA.

    are they any books available for this course, which books, and where to buy thanks.

    i have todd lammle 4th edition of the CCNA, and it very intricuite, and i was told to get the cisco press for people who are just beggining, but i am going to take a step back, and learn the basics and become network + certified, then reach the CCNA

    so if anyone could tell me what books covers the basics of neworking deeply, and very good ( not blah blah blah blah blah)

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    A+, CCNA, and all kind of certs you ain't never heard of...
    Learning the material with the N+ and CCNA is good.

    For one to truly understand networking they must understand TCP/IP. -Anonymous circa 1999

    www.tcpipguide.com <-------Online book---1000+ pages----you can also buy in hardback form

    Learn the OSI Model
    Learn TCP/IP

    TCP/IP compromises a lot of knowledge if you go "deeper". I need to go "deeper" too.
    I'm still learning TCP/IP, there is a lot to learn.

    Good luck!

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