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    One other question on your quiz I was wondering about:

    Which of the following are true regarding the purpose of hubs?
    a. A hub is used to connect devices on the same LAN.
    b. A hub is used to connect different LANs.
    c. A hub sends data received from one port to all other ports.
    d. A hub sends data received from one port only to ports that connects intended communication partners.
    e. A hub can be used to increase broadcast domains.
    f. A hub can be used to decrease broadcast domains.

    Wouldn't (e) also be true? Aren't hubs aka multiport repeaters, and aren't repeaters used to increase a broadcast domain? Just wonderin'.
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    Good question.

    I think I'll end up changing the question...

    Imagine a network with the maximum cable segment, a passive hub (merely splits the signal) can't be used to increase the broadcast domain, but indeed an active hub (repeater) could be used to increase the size of the broadcast domain (not the amount of broadcast domains)

    I removed the answers e. and f. to avoid any confusion.

    Normally you would use a Switch to increase the size of a broadcast domain and a Router (or Switch with VLANs) to increase the amount of broadcast domains.

    Thanks for being critical!
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    I've got a lot of book learnin' in my head, without much practical exeperience to go along with it.

    Unfortunately many of the tests I've come across seem to be an expercise in trying to figure out the grammar...

    (Not yours of course!)

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