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Thread: Rack mount fan

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    Default Rack mount fan

    We have a cabinet that has front, back and two sides that can come off. It's used to hold the network devices that we need.
    I got told that we used to have box fans to keep that area cool but now since the box cabinet is used to help protect the devices (had a flood last year due to a busted sprinkler head). Could any one suggest any rack mount server fans?

    I've looked on new egg and found this:

    But I'm not sure if it'll help cool the box. The front and back doors have holes in them.
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    Does the top of the cabinet or bottom of the cabinet have air holes? Is the cabinet 2-post or 4-post? How much empty RU space do you have in the cabinet? What equipment do you have in the cabinet? Is the equipment front to back airflow, front to side airflow, or side to side airflow?

    Those fans could potentially create some bottom to top airflow.

    You could also try using something like
    (It looks like they have one for 230V and one for 120V)

    for the exhaust in the back of the cabinet.
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