Figure I would post this here since the CCNA-W forum doesn't get a lot of views. I have been going through the CCNA Wireless labs and have a bunch of different AP's to play with, 3502i,3502e,3602i,3702i's and had a question about the 3602i. Since the 3602i does 2.4Ghz N and 5Ghz N, When you add the 802.11ac module will it do AC an N 5Ghz simultaneously or is it one or the other? My 3702i will broadcast in both N and AC in the 5Ghz when I use the vWLC but will only do 2.4N and 5Ghz ac when I run the autonomous image. I was kicking around the idea of using the 3602i with AC module at my house for both 802.11N and AC. I have most of my devices on 5Ghz N but my security cameras still only do 2.4Ghz N. I have to buy the AC module out of my own pocket and figured I would consult TE community to see if anyone could shed some light on this. Thanks!