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    Default Dialogic Timing Issue

    I have dialer and an expansion chassis hosting some Dialogic dual port voip and quad port T1 cards. Two service providers. Our Dialogic "expert" quit a few weeks ago. We rebooted the dialer two days ago and the next day all of our agents reported heavy static going on forcing us to flip to a more expensive provider. Our "expert" says their needs to be a timing change in the TDM bus configuration and to look at the netref1 definition. Any Dialogic experts here on TE that know about this?
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    not a dialogic expert but this is standard TDM stuff. You'll need to determine who the master is going to be on the circuit, either provider A or B - only one source can provide timing. Then you slave your other T1's off the primary.

    For instance: Controller 1/0 has 4 T1's 1/0/1, 1/0/2, 1/0/3 and 1/0/4

    Your primary ISP comes in to 1/0/1 and will provide timing - you set 1/0/1 to line (slave) then your second provider comes in say 1/0/2 - you have your provider set themselves to slave and you provide timing for that circuit referencing 1/0/1

    1/0/3 and 1/0/4 are set to slaves and reference 1/0/1 for timing - this will eliminate your slips
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