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    Default Passed CSA+ today


    I passed the exam today.

    I used both "Study Guide" and "Cert Guide" to prepare.
    Both books gave different perspectives to the same syllabus (found in https://www.comptia.jp/pdf/comptia-c...(cs0-001).pdf) and covers the "dry" syllabus pretty well (with a few missing spots and tiny mistakes, here and there), but they are not enough to pass this exam. Experience IS needed to pass. The questions found in the books are not enough to gain the necessary knowledge to understand how the exam will be. That's not a simple "learn and shoot" thing. Take that as a friendly warning.

    I also had few simulation ("performance-based") questions, which were extremely interesting, beautiful and surprising at the same time. I STRONGLY suggest to answer the simulation questions only AFTER you answer the multiple choice questions, as they can waste plenty of time. That's something that I noticed afterwards and the books don't mention that at all. I used 25% of the time just for a few simulation questions, and actually answered the rest of the questions when I had only 1.5 hour left. That was enough for me but that could be stressful for someone else.

    It took me around 3.5 weeks to study, but that's probably not enough for everybody since I also have experience with CISSP exam (got 695... bad luck for me). Probably wouldn't do it differently. Just remember that the books are not enough to pass the exam. Use your BRAIN and experience(!). And that's also a boost for me to go back to CISSP and pass next time that cert as well...

    Good luck everyone.
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    MSc, A/S/S/S/N/C/CySA+, CASP, CCNA R/S&Sec&Cyber OPS, LO CFR, SSCP,EMC NetWorker Spec,SNIA SCSE,Prince 2,EITCA-IS,F5 CA/CTS-ASM, Intel Sec NSP, CMI

    Just curious..where did you sit exam at Sunday?
    I'm just doing my job, nothing personal, sorry
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