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    Default CSA+ Study material questions

    Hello all!
    I just recently passed my Security+ cert so I am now looking in getting my CSA+. But, I am having a really hard time finding good study materials. What are some recommended books and video courses that won't break the bank?
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    If you cannot find decent study material, just go through the CSA+ objectives one by one...Research each objective, if you know the concepts already skip those it will cut down on your study time.

    I usually wait till a 2nd edition of a new cert to comes out before going after it, hell majority of HR's won't even know what this cert is.

    P.S. --> Moderators --- Yeah, I am curious when TE will add CSA+ to this forum...OR are they gonna use the new acronyms that CompTIA just released. I mean, you continue to update Microsoft section with 2016 MCSA. Maybe your forum is max'd out with text?? LOL

    CHEERS & Hi5!
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