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    Default CSA+ Lab Choices

    Choice #1
    gtslearning self-study live labs ($125):
    12 months access to live equipment, allegedly 35 hours of content
    Labs are allegedly through practice-labs.com

    Choice #2
    Cybrary CSA+ Virtual Lab ($80):
    6 months access to live equipment, allegedly 22 hours of content
    Labs are allegedly through practice-labs.com

    I suspect these are the exact same product, but one is 6-months access for less. Most likely I'll be buying the Cybrary one in the next few days.

    I'll be combining one of the above with the Sybex study guide by Chapple and Seidl. Also will be doing the 22 hour video course, Pearson LiveLessons on SafariBooks by Joseph Muniz and Aamir Lakhan that came out in Oct 2017.

    Training for me starts Jan 01. I'm making this post because there isn't much info on the Internet specifically regarding CSA+ labbing.
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    Honestly if you've already passed the GCIH, then I don't see you having any problem with CSA+. I more or less didn't try on the simulations and still passed the exam with over an 800. The labs are really just reading logs so if you look for some examples of apache, event, nmap, syslog, and other types of system logs and are able to read their output the you won't have any issue. The exam is really not that difficult.
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