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    Default Microsoft 98-365 Study Tech and Q&A

    Passed today with 38 Questions and Score of 80.

    There isn't much info to go on googling around so hopefully this will save someone else some time.

    Q: Is the Exam still available?
    A: It was as of Dec, 2017 with no definitive retirement announced

    Q: Is still based on Server 2008 and is it valid?
    A: Yes and Yes, it is SERVER FUNDAMENTALS, most if not all the same principles apply to 2012, 2016, though there is some specific relative info such as Minimum System Requirements.

    Q: Should I sit this exam?
    A: That is up to you, if you already have a few years experience working with Microsoft Servers and Active Directory then it might not be very informative for you.

    Materials used for Passing

    Official MS Guidebook; Windows Server Administration: Essentials by Tom Carpenter. Not the best read by far, I recommend a lot of googling to fill in the gaps.

    Official MS Classroom Guide: This one is great for reviewing.
    CBT Nuggets Video by Keith Barker, Keith tends to go off track often but he does a good job explaining things.
    No Links for this one, you'll have to find it somewhere.

    Udemy MTA: Windows Server Administration Fundamentas: 98-365 Course by Marious Kuriata
    The videos are short, to the point and done well. Marious is also attentive about responding to students.
    Marious also provides some excellent Quizlet Questions and flash cards.

    Official Microsoft Virtual Academy Videos, these are best for reviewing, they are done like these guys are paid by the minute. The quizes are good though.

    As for my opinion on the exam.
    I sat down and saw I only had 38 Questions (not happy about that but seems to be a trend for me) there were about a dozen multi-part questions that clearly stated that each answer counted as One Point.
    There was one matching the terms question.
    There were a several "If this statement is not accurate, then pick the answer that would make it accurate" So I recommended reading carefully.
    There were the typical few questions that seemed to be either complete nonsense or intentionally worded poorly.
    The exam in general was a bit stressful due to the poor wording and odd questions.
    If you know your stuff you will pass.

    Hope this helps.
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