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    Default Questions about the project + exam for those who have passed

    Hello! New here, just around to get this cert as it is the last class in my degree plan (a lot of people on here seem to be WGU)


    1) I am having issues with the questions in which there are multiple answers. I either choose one too many or not enough. Are the questions on the test similar, or do they specify how many to choose?

    2) Are there many computations? If so, is there a calculator provided? My math is abhorrent.

    mnemonics etc would be appreciated
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    Just passed today, also my first class from WGU. Not sure how much detail I can go into without breaking terms of some sort.

    1) I had the same problem during the practice tests. This wasn't an issue at all during the real exam.

    2) It was all basic arithmetic that you can easily do in your head.

    Good luck!
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