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Thread: Passed GISP

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    Default Passed GISP

    I sat for GISP . today and passed it was as hard as the practice test i took but did have some easier answers mixed in the bunch of 250 questions.

    I did take my SANS Books and Eric Conrad's Study Guide from the class with me. I used them pretty much to verify i was get the right answer. Information overload does set well with me . I want to do more practice tests in prep for CISSP. I already had this paid for through my conference fee and thought i better just get it and use it to judge for the $700 i will need to blow to take CISSP . My issue i have is i don't retain information like everyone else can . I feel like i need more time and prep for CISSP just to retain the information. Any advice would be helpful.
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    As someone who has passed both the CISSP and GISP, I can share some insight on my experience. I took the CISSP first and passed on the first attempt and then within a couple weeks sat for and passed the GISP on the first attempt. In my opinion, there were aspects of the GISP that were harder than the CISSP where the CISSP was definitely more of a test of endurance under the prior format. I think the GISP was harder due to having the ability to take in the books and I did not prepare an index for it. I probably added additional stress to myself by having the books available and having to locate/validate information. Probably would have been better off without the books.

    If the information is still fresh and you have been actively studying, plan a date for the CISSP so you have a date to work towards and just try to nail it out. In the final days leading up to the test I primarily focused on reviewing the SANS books for areas that I needed reinforcement, taking Eric's online test questions, using the Sunflower guide and I was good to go.

    Best of luck!
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