After I learned from the 301 exam, and I thought I prepared to take 401 exam after the training. This time, I prepared with index and tab, and extra materials for converting binary, IP and HEX. Again, I thought I did better on the exam, but the result wasn't as good as I expected. Other than the CEH exam, I am considering the 401 exam is the second longest IT exam that I ever took. First, don't panic. Five hours is more than enough time to answer all the questions.

The practice exam do help to prepare you for the exam. I will recommend to take the practice a week before the exam, then you got a week to review the materials. Take another practice exam few days before the exam and catch up anything that you might miss. There is no perfect way to weight the questions. It is either you know or look up the index. However, if you look up the index on every questions. Then you might run short on the time.

I believe that I wasn't well prepared for the exam, but I did better than 301. I will recommend anyone that take time to prepare and get to know the materials. Don't panic and organize your thought. Think logical and the study will help you to determine the best answer.

I am looking to take 504 next year : )