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    Default OSCP Loot Script

    Long time lurker, first time poster.

    I've tried Jolly Frog's loot script but I would like to try another.

    Can someone please please help me and post your loot script. I am going insane here trying to write one. I really need help. Please send me yours or post it here.

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    I found it best to do three things.

    1) Run all of your local privilege escalation enumeration commands again with root access.
    2) Think about what other information you'd like to steal or possibly use later or hold for ransom.
    3) Keep and maintain a checklist for the above.

    From there, if you wanted to script every command you run, fire up some Python or PowerShell/vbs or Bash scripting to do it, and just basically run your commands as listed.

    I guess the point is, learn how to do it all manually, and automating it will come much easier, if at all.
    Security Engineer/Analyst/Geek, Pen Testing
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