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    Default Passed Security !!!

    Hi guys,
    Just finished with Sec+. Test was a little bit different to what I thought as I took my A+ and Net+ couple of years ago and they were lot easier to understand (wording in Sec+ a little bit confusing). Some Linux questions(I was not expecting this as my Linux knowledge is limited ) Scored 790 out of 900. Not the best score but a pass is a pass, right? Got trouble with Security policies (boring). TBH i just skimmed through this. I have to say GCGA did it , I read the book this week (doing 3 chapters per day approx.) before taking the exam today.I have to say I'm a System Analyst so some work experience helped but without Darril Gibson's Get Certified Get Ahead book I don't think I would've made it. Next I think I will go with CCNA and CEH before the end of the year. Next year OSCP.
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    WoHoo! Congrats.

    I plan to take the exam in a couple of weeks.
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