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    Default Worried about question format...

    if it's anything like the PrepLogic practice exams that is, but I really know it's going to be worse on the actual exam. Some of the questions on practice exams are impossible to decipher. For example, one question asked which one would be "a difficult task to perform when sending a message to multple recipients" or something to that effect. It referred to asymmetric encryption. Well, one possible choice was "encrypt all message with each users private key" This seemed obvious to me, as it's practically impossible to do. I was wrong. They should have worded the question, "Out of these 4 answers, two can be done, choose the hardest one from those two..."
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    From CompTIA:

    The CompTIA Security+ certification tests for security knowledge mastery of an individual with two years on-the-job networking experience, with emphasis on security.
    I wouldn't worry too much about the format of practice exams. The people who wrote the exams may, or may not, have taken the exam.

    CompTIA intends to put the burden on you, the applicant, to prove that you know your stuff on these advanced certs. I haven't taken Sec+, but I did do Server+. The more I think about the difficulty of the exam and the more I get into being around servers at work, the more I understand CompTIA's attitude when it comes to advanced expectations.
    If I were going to issue certification that I had tested someone to determine if they had the knowledge needed to be trusted to oversee security on a multi-million-dollar network, you bet I'd have a "make-'em-sweat" attitude.

    For Sec+ it's this way:
    Have 2 years of on-the-job experience in networking.
    Within that experience, security needs to be emphasized.
    2 years is a lot of time monitoring traffic, and responding to all, both flagrant and subtle, attempts to breach network security.

    So when anyone goes into Sec+ exam, you have to have the same attitude as CompTIA, not that of some exam writer. If the "pay-me-money" exam vendors intimidate you, CompTIA might make you faint(hehe).

    I've used a lot of practice exams on A+ & Net+--paid good money out.
    On Server+ I only went outside of what was supplied with study guides when I got Transcender practice exams at the very last of prep. My experience with practice exams is that a greater percentage of them have a few typos, so I generally ignore the one's I can't decipher because I'll find the subject covered correctly in a lot of other places.

    Well, that's my 2-cents worth, for what it may be worth. If I came across a bit heavy--I've achieved my goal! I hope that you crush that exam like a rotten grape! Best of luck!!
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