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    Default Creating multiple OUs using dsadd

    I want to create sub OUs using dsadd. (Eg. OU=NewYork,OU=America,DC=kod,DC=com)

    I can create the first level with no problems (Eg. dsadd OU "OU=NewYork,DC=kod,DC=com)

    For testing so I go and remove the NewYork OU.

    I can't create multiple sub OUs (Eg. dsadd OU "OU=NewYork,OU=America,DC=kod,DC=com)

    I get an error mesasge stating the directory object cannot be found.

    Is there a way to do this?
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    Default Sub OUs

    In one dsadd command you can create objects on the same level
    for example:
    dsadd OU "OU=America,DC=kod,DC=com"
    in the next step you can create objects on OU=America level, sub OU
    for example:
    dsadd OU "OU=NewYork,OU=America,DC=kod,DC=com"

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