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    Default 70-461 Failed but I had technical problem

    Hi all
    I just tried the exam 461 I did'nt pass (675/1000) but I could not respond to four questions in which I would have to write some code. the cursor did not appear even if I clicked several times on the bottom of the screen. It remained white. I asked two technicians who were in the office but they said that was not a PC problem. How that is possible? Some one else experienced this kind of problem?
    I just sent an email to pearson vue customer service to retake the exam.
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    Dont know if the NDA allows for this, but I am not discussing the exam itself so it should be OK ?

    I too wrote 70-461 today, and had exactly, the same problem. Could not answer any of the T-SQL queries. I had failed the exam previously so I know exactly how it should work, and this time I could not see the code, only numbering where the code and my textbox should be

    I called the center manager, they reported it, guys from PeasonVue logged on, moved me to another computer, also same story.

    I got an incident number, I was also expecting to fail.

    They said I should contact Peason, use my ref, lodge a complaint, and insist on a rebooking.

    However, I managed to pass, but did not answer those 4 questions either.

    I would take it up with them for sure.
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