Hello everyone in the community.

My name is Nikos and I work as an analyst (Reporting) in a quite big Logistics company in Greece.

I was mostly working on Excel when last year i was requested to do something that had to combine many operator's jobs

So I thought of doing a small database in Access which slowly started to become bigger and bigger (not in size but had many features and reporting capabilities as an application). I started to add code of course to make things work.

This has started 12 months ago and right now i am in the process of implementing the application to one of our subsidiary companies.

To cut the long story short, I fell in love with the thing. During the whole process i learned so many things that i haven't learned in 10 years working. hours after hours of googling and you tubing and studying.

so after some serious thinking i have (almost) decided to go after a MSCA or why not a MSCE certification. For me. Even if i dont find another job.

I would really like to get an SQL certification. I have my access database and i would like to transfer it in SQL as a case study.

I was thinking of putting a target in the MSCE Business intelligence but it is going to be stopped. in its place there is the MSCE : Data Management and Analytics which is nice.

But first things first. I have ordered the first book and i am having SQL server installed in my computer and i am more than ready to start digging. From what i read its not an easy thing. I am not completely at zero level but still i think that its a long shot.

What do you think guys? should i try it? its not certain that i will be able to use it in my working environment and with the crisis in Greece its a bit difficult to find or switch jobs.

In any case thanks to whoever read this!