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    Default iSCSI and NIC Teaming in VMware

    Hi guys,

    I need your help to clarify one issue in regards to iSCSi initiator and NIC Teaming in VMware. Once I tried to configure iSCSI storage in VMware but failed on the stage of configuring iSCSi initiator. The issue was that I had two vmnics combined in NIC teaming and when trying to add adapter for VMkernel port binding I was getting this warning:

    "The selected physical network adapter is not associated with VMkernel with compliant teaming and failover policy. VMkernel network adapter must have exactly one active uplink and no standby uplinks to be eligible for binding to the iSCSI HBA."

    After several minutes of googling I found out that I have to break NIC Teaming and put one of the intefaces to "Unused" state.

    Yesterday, I was playing around with migration from svs to dvs and came across with an article about it. I was a bit surprised when I saw the screenshot where two VMkernel port groups on the same vswitch with two nics combined in NIC Teaming were added in iSCSi software adapter.

    34.jpg 110.jpg

    How it can be possible?
    Best, sacredboy!
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    They've used 2 separate port groups, here's how they might be configured:

    "iSCSI-Initiator" configured with vmnic3 as an active adapter, but with vmnic4 as an unused adapter
    "iSCSI-Initiator2" configured with vmnic4 as an active adapter, but with vmnic3 as an unused adapter
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