hi, my employers IT purchase department apparently went from lenovo to hp- just as i have to get an server ready laptop.

i am in no doubt that the lenovo P series is ready for the task. but i cant find any HP at all which meets the requirements, and my experience with HP is rubbish...

The IT department gives me an offer which is alot cheaper for an HP laptop(several 1000 Money cheaper) - and no HP specs what so ever??? Anyone knows about HP laptops and performance(vs lenovo P50(p70) - 32(64GB ram) - 500Gb(1tb) ssd - Intel xeon).

I dont mind using a cheaper laptop - but i need clarification that it aint just a Waste of time.

If i lookup HP laptops the best they can deliver is an i7(2kernels) with 8Gb ram....??? is HP really that crappy?
The normal everyday laptops at my Work is lenovo and hp - and the HP's is just slow and bad and all the tec parts are spared away.... pls come with some hp specs wiht documentation i possible. thanks in advance