I recently decided to upgrade vSphere to 6.5 from 6.
I did vCenter first of course and now I am starting on our esxi hosts. After first esxi host upgrade to 6.5, I got an alert saying "system logs are stored on non-persistent storage". So I found the setting Advanced System Settings of the host and changed that parameter to a datastore. But then when I attempted to save the changes it alerts me that there are other parameters that are unacceptable. I attempted to change these parameters as well but one of them I am unable to change to what I need to be and the other one I have no idea what it should be.
These are the settings in question:
  • Net.NetPktSlabFreePercentThreshold - currently set to 2 but it says it has to be between 10 - 50. I really don't know what it should be.
  • VSAN-iSCSI.ctlWorkerThreads - currently set to 4294967295 but I want to set it to -1 but the field is not allowing me to enter the negative sign! (Number of worker threads. -1 means auto-calculate based on CPU count)