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    Default <rant> Why is VMware support so *bleep* useless </rant>

    [rant]I am working with VMware now since I worked for a company which was Beta testing ESX and GSX in its early stages and I have never ever dealt with a (support)company which is so useless for years .. I think for 10+ years I have never had an issue which was nailed down directly without the whole "not supported" and "please reinstall" troubleshooting nonsense.

    The former obviously being rubbish ... Today yet again .. took them three days to come back to me telling me they had an issue with their FTP server so I had to re-upload GBs of Logs and yet another 2 days to tell me that the operation I attempted (cold migration between hosts and datacenter) was not supported ACCORDING TO THEIR SENIOR ON DUTY ...

    It is so hard not to lose my temper ... Obviously I forwarded them their own documentation stating exactly that as supported migration and asked for the SENIOR to specify why he thinks it is not support ...

    Yet again no answer for days ....

    I think the record in our company is a ticket which was open for 9 months claiming that pink screens are caused by an incompatibility of Motherboard Bios (on HCL) and Raid card (on HCL) only to release silently a patch for the raid card driver as a "known issue". They simply closed the ticket without comments after 9 months and I accidentally found that KB with patch ....

    Just needed to 'v'ent ....... [/rant]
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