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    Default Book mapping to official objectives

    After spending a 8 months fighting cancer and taking 4 months to rebuild my strength I am now ready to got back to certification to build on what I know and advance my career. Before cancer I was looking into the CCNA exam and may still do that at some point, but my current job is Jr. Network Admin and Desktop Support. The most I do with a switch or a router is restart it or hook up a serial cable and a laptop for offshore to do its thing. So I thought it would be best to go the Microsoft rout.

    I plan on using William Panek's 70-697 book, Pluralsight and Technet to prepare for the 70-697 exam. Pluralsight's videos seem to map directly to the exam objectives, is there an order for the book to map more closely to the objectives? Also, what kind of lab would I need to setup? I have an 8 core/16GB RAM computer, windows 10 and an O365 subscription.

    Edit: On Amazon I looked at the book preview and saw an objectives map. I am still interested in what those who have passed this exam recommend for a lab.
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