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    Default 70-680 wise starting point still?

    Looking for a bit of advice. I’ve got 10 years’ experience in IT with 5 years as a contractor doing everything from tier1/2 support in offices to installing servers and patching cables in large data centres. The last 5 years has been more of a management role, coordinating desktop builds, hardware budgets etc. While this has given me exposure to a lot of areas, I’m no real expert in anything. I’m looking to move roles in the next couple of months back to tier1/2 desktop support.

    Most of my work has been around desktops, either supporting them or managing them. Would starting off with the 70-680 exam be a good place to begin with for my first MS cert? Then perhaps moving onto getting the MCSA: Windows 10 once there is more material available for it? Or should I just ignore 70-680 and start working on the MCSA: Win 10?

    Ideally I would like to specialize in one particular area but currently I’m not sure what I would like that to be. So in my mind I would like to get some desktop certs under my belt first before moving on to say servers/exchange/cloud etc.
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    Depends what environments you work with. Most businesses these days are still using Windows 7, despite Windows 8 and 10 being released over the past few years. The 70-680 also contains a lot of detailed knowledge about enterprise technologies like BranchCache and DirectAccess which a lot of companies look for in a candidate. I would suggest doing the 7 exam and upgrade to the 10 when you're ready. Windows 7 is still going to be a huge part of day-to-day activities in any workplace or home and it would be wise to have it. Plus the 70-680 can be upgraded to the MCITP, the MCSA/MCSE Windows Server and Windows 10, so it's definitely a good starting point (I'm currently doing my MCITP and following the server path after).
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