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    Default 70-656 MS Desktop Optimization Pack Resources

    Study Guide and Resources for the 70-656 MDOP exam.

    Recommended Reading:
    Creating the Secure Managed Desktop. Buy it for the SoftGrid (now App-V) chapters, and keep it for the rest of the information.
    Group Policy: Fundamentals, Security and Troubleshooting. If the AGPM secition is as good as Moskowitz' other book, you can skip the Resource Kit.
    Windows Group Policy Resource Kit. The AGPM chapter is about the only useful chapter in the book.

    Skills Measured:
    TS: Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack, Configuring

    Reference Sites:
    The Desktop Files: The Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack
    The Official MDOP Blog : MDOP 2009 R2: What's New in MDOP for Windows 7

    Configuring GPOs by Using Advanced Group Policy Management.
    Configure Group Policy Object Roles
    Technical Overview of AGPM
    Delegate Access to the Production Environment

    Configure AGPM
    Configure AGPM Server Connections
    Step-by-Step Guide for Microsoft Advanced Group Policy Management 4.0
    Creating or Controlling a GPO

    Deploy a controlled GPO
    Deploy a GPO
    Roll Back to an Earlier Version of a GPO

    Manage controlled GPOs
    Performing AGPM Administrator Tasks
    Performing Editor Tasks
    Performing Approver Tasks
    Performing Reviewer Tasks

    Monitoring Desktops Using MS Desktop Error Monitoring (DEM)
    Install DEM

    Configure the management server
    How to Configure a Management Server for Client Monitoring in Operations Manager 2007

    Configure the SCOM administrative template settings
    About Client Monitoring in Operations Manager 2007

    Configure clients for client monitoring
    Using MDOP Desktop Error Reporting
    System Center Operations Manager : Troubleshooting Agentless Exception Monitoring (AEM) and Desktop Error Monitoring (DEM) features
    How to Configure Clients for Client Monitoring in Operations Manager 2007

    Managing Software Inventory Using the Asset Inventory Service
    Asset Inventory Service Overview

    Deploy AIS clients
    Step-by-Step Guide to Deploying the Asset Inventory Service Client Software

    Manage computers that report to AIS
    Computers Workspace
    Home Workspace

    Configure software inventory by using AIS
    Software Workspace
    Software Categories
    Licenses Workspace

    Repairing and Diagnosing Computer Systems using the Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (DaRT)
    Install and configure DaRT
    Crash Analyzer for MSDaRT 6.5

    Restore Deleted Files
    ERD Commander in MSDaRT 6.5

    Recover Computer Systems
    How to Create a Boot CD for MSDaRT 6.5
    Just Blog'n : How to Create a ERD Commander 2009 R2 Recovery Disk
    Restore Unbootable Windows System using Offline System Restore Raymond.CC Blog

    Configure Application Virtualization Servers
    Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 - New Features
    App-V Architecture
    www.appvirtguru.com :: Index

    Configure Application Virtualization infrastructure
    Application Virtualization Predeployment Considerations
    How to Install the Servers and System Components
    Application Virtualization Sequencer
    Branch Configuration Guide

    Configure Application Virtualization components
    How to Configure Servers for Server-Based Deployment
    Application Virtualization Client
    Application Virtualization Server

    Install Application Virtualization servers
    Application Virtualization Predeployment Considerations

    Configure Active Directory for Application Virtualization

    Configure security for Application Virtualization
    Planning for Security and Protection

    Configuring Application Virtualization Clients
    Deploy Application Virtualization clients
    Planning for Client Deployment
    App-V Terminal Services
    App-V Desktop Client Overview
    App-V Standalone Client Overview

    Deliver and Maintain virtualized applications
    How to Manage Applications in the Server Management Console

    Manage Application Virtualization clients
    How to Use the Desktop Notification Area for Application Virtualization Client Management

    Configure client options
    Applications Node
    File Type Associations Node
    SFTMIME Command Reference

    Deploying and Managing the Application Virtualization Sequencer
    Install the Application Virtualization Sequencer
    How to Install the Application Virtualization Sequencer
    Application Virtualization Sequencer Options Dialog Box

    Configure the Application Virtualization Sequencer
    Best Practices for the Application Virtualization Sequencer
    How to Configure the App-V Sequencer

    Sequence applications for virtualization
    How to Sequence an Application
    Sequencing Wizard

    Manage application sequencing
    How to Upgrade an Existing Virtual Application
    How To Use Dynamic Suite Composition
    How to Use the Differential SFT File
    How to Branch a Package
    How to Create a Virtual Environment for a Web-Based Application
    The App-V Blog : MSI Utility for Microsoft Application Virtualization FAQ
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    Sorry, something came up at work. I'll finish posting the study guide later.
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    AWS Architect, MCSEx3, MCITPx6, MCTSx17
    Ok, the rest of the guide is up. I wasn't sure where to place this guide as it could go in the Virtualization, MCITP/MCTS, or Other MS Elective forum. Moderators, feel free to move it.

    This exam is a requirement for the Desktop Virtualization MS Partner Competency and may be a partner requriement to deliver MDOP Proof of Concept engagements. There were a few requests over on Born to Learn to add 656 as an option for the Desktop Virtualization exam, but since this exam doesn't cover any MED-V topics I doubt that will happen.

    There isn't a lot of information out there about this exam. I will probably need to pick this exam up to support some client interest so I needed to put together a study guide and I am sharing it with the TE community. If you have any other resources, please add them.
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