• Netpict

    Netpict is a free network diagram tool developed for students, teachers, and anyone else who might find it useful.

    • Create network diagrams using popular Cisco icons.
    • Save network diagrams to share with other Netpict users (.vnm extension, can be attached in our forums))
    • Export network diagrams to image format (png, jpg, gif, bmp)
    • Crop image exports to a suitable size for forum posts
    • Discover network devices automatically using traceroute, ping subnet


    Download Netpict (v.002a 1MB) (NOTE: v.001a users may have to uninstall manually first)

    Netpict should run on any Windows computer with .NET 3.5 support, but performance may degrade with larger maps on older computers.

    Netpict is 100% freeware, feel free to redistribute it. We do not offer support for this product.

    For more info visit the Netpict thread in our forums.

    Example diagrams (included in download):

    content/attachments/1937-vlsm-example.png.html content/attachments/1925-manmiddle.png.html

    "Netpict is a handy and reliable utility designed for drawing network diagrams using popular icons." - Softpedia.com

    Softpedia guarantees that Netpict 0.0.2 Alpha is 100% CLEAN

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