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CompTIA Network+ TechNotes PDF

Download our FREE Network+ TechNotes
in PDF format.

All our Network+ TechNotes combined in a single PDF file.
More than 100 pages filled with detailed information, diagrams and pictures.
Covers the essentials of all exam objectives.
Read the FAQ below for more information.
Support from the Nr. 1 IT certification forums.

Download Now

(1.3MB, requires FREE TechExams.net Membership to download)

TechNotes FAQ

  • How should I use these TechNotes?
    When I started writing these TechNotes, the started out as a 'detailed cram' but became much more than that. For any exam, we recommend you use at least 2 sources, for example two text books, or a book and a CBT. The TechNotes can be used as that second source. Considering the cost of the exam we recommend to buy at least one text book - combined with our TechNotes you will be fully prepared. Don't let the number of pages fool you though, the PDF nearly contains as much text as a text book.

  • Can I pass the exam with just your TechNotes?
    This depends mostly on your level of networking experience. For example, if you are a desktop/system admin with more than 6 months experience in a typical network environment, and understand everything that is in the TechNotes and score well on practice exams, you will very likely be able to pass the exam. However, as mentioned above, we always recommend to use at least one other product.

  • Do you have any testimonials from readers who used your TechNotes to pass the exam?
    Yes, plenty. Just check out the large number of 'I Passed!'-posts in the Network+ forum.



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